Many new small businesses are on a tight budget. The owners and managers find themselves wearing many hats and a big one is digital marketing.  The biggest part of that is figuring out the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for your business. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the These are some starter tips on what to ensure you have so your businesses are visible and findable by your target market.

  1. Have a web presence. That can be a simple website or blog site. Facebook pages are a great tool, but to ensure you get the most of your google presence, a regular non-social site is best. Easy companies to work with are,,,
    •  You need to review each vendor and see what makes sense for your skills and your business needs. WordPress, for example, tends to be more complicated for a first time user than the others but has more functionality.
  2. Register your company on “Google My Business”. This is where people can see your company is legitimate and find you.
  3. Set-up accounts on:
    •  Gmail or manage your domain email through Google (EX: or
    •   Google Search Console 
    •   Google Analytics
    •   Google +
  4. Blogs or news tab is essential. These pages allow you to connect with your audience and provide you the BEST chance of a potential customer searching for your services with key words that are in your blog. Ensure to have all your Keywords in the title and they are used in the first paragraph of each blog is imperative for them to get found by search engines.

These are the top essentials to get you started. There are many more ways to maximize your SEO that we will cover in future posts. If you need training or a digital marketing partner to assist you, we are always ready to develop a custom plan for your organization.

SEO for Small Business